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VA - Dancefloor Paradise, Vol. 2 (2014)

VA - Dancefloor Paradise, Vol. 2 (2014)
    Group / Author: VA
    Album / Track: Dancefloor Paradise, Vol. 2
    Day release: 2014
    Coutry:  All World
    Audioformat: MP3, 320 kbps

Треклист Dancefloor Paradise, Vol. 2:


01. Revolution (English Radio Edit) - Benjamin Braxton
02. Let Me Play (Ben Rivers Radio Edit Remix) - The French Toys & Steve Njoy
03. On the Floor (French Radio Edit) - Hold Up
04. Waterfall (Radio Edit) - O2
05. Sunshine (Radio Edit) - Miami Vibe
06. I Want You 2K13 (Swindlers English Radio Edit Remix) - Mico C
07. Overdrop (Radio Edit) - Louder
08. Kiss (Radio Edit) - Stereo Breakerz
09. Time (English Radio Edit) - Benjamin Braxton
10. City of Tomorrow (Radio Edit) - O2
11. Deziwo (Radio Edit) - ROY
12. We Are (English Radio Edit) - Hold Up
13. I Love You So (English Radio Edit) - Sunlight
14. Not So Far Away (Radio Edit) - Jonh Saylor
15. Infernal (Radio Edit) - Erwan S
16. Rock the Night (French Radio Edit) - Hold Up
17. Lion Safari (Radio Cinematic Edit) - ADBB
18. Catwalk (Radio Edit) - Benjamin Braxton & Neja
19. Rune (Radio Edit) - Axel Desange
20. On the Floor (John Saylor Radio Edit Remix) - Hold Up
21. Feel the Beat (Radio Edit) - John Coaster
22. Turn Me On (Adrien Toma Remix) [feat. K.B & Theory] - Willy Saul
23. Happy Hours (Radio Edit) - Louder
24. Paradise (English Radio Edit) - Benjamin Braxton
25. Miami Vibe (Radio Edit) - Miami Vibe

26. Ma Cherie (Radio Edit) - Club Shakers
27. Miami Beach (French Radio Edit) - Hold Up
28. Dancefloor Paradise, Vol. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix) - Benjamin Braxton

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Hidden links. Direct download from the server is only available to the VIP group. Contact me to buy VIP group!

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